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Takaki Takehana - Entrepreneur and investor at "MDS FUND LLC" Official Profile.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

written by : Lui Kim at Dubai Office.

Takaki Takehana (29) from Japan, well known as the Founder of Lim and MDS Group, expanded their business in Japan and Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai within a 4years since they were established in 2017.

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  • Lim Group and MDS Group

  • Personal Media Activity of Takehana

  • Takehana's Vision


Lim and MDS Group

Lim Group (Founded in 2017) and the following year of 2018, MDS Group was established. Both companies grow rapidly by Instagram marketing system business (called FUS) and Online Education App Business (Called URU). The Instagram marketing system and Instagram promotion service hit a great number of users as 25,000 with monthly subscription payments of around $250 each within 3years since they started. Also, URU hit 30,000 students with a monthly subscription of $90 each within 1years since 2020 and now has became called the most prominent Online Business School in Japan.

They also provide YouTube production service where many of famous and celeb YouTubers belonging to. and recently announced that cloud start up Platform where both independent and corporate sales agencies can find various IT services to sell, users hit more than 800 registrations.

MDS has been in a very successful business. However, as per the Founder of Takehana, "IT Industry is very similar to Fashion Industry. Trend changes so fast every day, and I do not think we have long lifespans as next 3years, so we need to switch our business model to an investment fund with all the cash we have made until today"

He has repeatedly been saying in his own SNS and media interviews, and in 2021, he established MDS FUND L.L.C in Dubai UAE as an Investment Fund. He also well explained all of his investment portfolio and details such as ROI and invested Industry and each name of companies past few years.

His media activity

Takaki Takehana (竹花貴騎), He has total of almost 800,000 potential reaches on his SNS media ( 200,000 on Instagram / 350,000 on YouTuber / 70,000 on TikTock / 75,000 on Twitter / 80,000 on Facebook / 20,000on LINE ) and those followers have high awareness of business.

With this experience, He founded his first company, "Lim," in 2017 and rapidly grew to 15 companies in 4 countries within 4years. And Takaki Takehana proactively supported child education by his foundation called Takehana Foundation and Takehana Capital. he donated his hometown $1million for elementary and junior high school students to take online education at the age of 28 years old. His hometown Higashimurayama City Mayor Watanabe announced this thru the official city homepage (here) ( this is the most significant amount of donation from age under 30th in the past ) From Corporate Legal Page

From his career, Takaki Takehana has well experienced in New business Development, Marketing, and Investment and works in a global environment.

However, In the time of being known and recognized by many people through various media, his reputation was reported as a "Celebrity scam" in 2020.

Due to that, he expressed himself "I am from Google" as misleading of outsourcing employee to a full-time employee.

Also, He used some 3rd party' rights of the photo such as office pictures, charity pictures, and houses from Airbnb in his official pages and social media for his over self-branding. Many media such as Yahoo Top News and Abema News took this topic. Japanese are strict about expressing their career and employment status. But after time settled down the situation, he had an apology press conference for making confusion by expressing his career.

But, at the same time, he objected by a written counterargument from his lawyer that said not all information reported on the news media was correct. It may constitute a criminal offense and be chargeable for libel or defamation.

City Mayor Watanabe also announced on the City's official homepage that City indeed received a 1million USD donation from Mr. Takaki Takehana.

For proof, He also reported all the charity activities and other suspicions on his official homepage and SNS, such as private Jet Ownership Certification and Investment Fund portfolio.


His Life now. in dubai.


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