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How to list property on PEPPERBOO

1- Go to PEPPERBOO agent login page.

Login Page Link:

2- Write exactly the same email and password provided by MDS.

3- Click Sign In.

4- That’s the homepage for agent. Click properties button.

5- Click this add button to start listing the properties.

6- First one is the property name which will be the property title.

7- Choose the property type e.g. villa or apartment .

8- For address, use this format:

If apartment (Building name, area name, city name) & If It’s villa (Community name, area name, city name).

9- Fourth one is area, choose from the drop-down list. If you want to list in the area which is not in the drop-down list, you can send us an email to We will add this area to the list.

10- Fifth one is the google maps URL, it is the pinned location link for the property.

11- Choose the number of beds and bathrooms.

12- Write down the property price in AED and choose price type yearly if its’s for rent otherwise full if it’s for sale.

13- In property description, you will write about the developer / facility / property age / play ground / how high etc. The character limit for this property description is 65,535.

14- In property environment, you will write about the nearby school / supermarket / restaurant / tourist spot etc. The character limit for this property environment is 65,535.

15- In third one you will write all other things about property like owner request / payment / etc. The character limit for this other’s property field is 65,535.

16- For property thumbnail, choose living room picture if it’s apartment and If it’s villa then choose outside building picture.

17- To publish the property, choose publish or you can save your listing as draft as well.

18- Click this button and select the property images you want to upload.

19- That’s it, your property is ready to be sold.


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